Open Letter to a Suicidal Restaurant

Advice to Kool Bloo Worst Restaurant Ever? at ideafaktory.comMeet the worst restaurant with the worst (and longest) menu on earth…and here is the review/advice I gave them:
Dear Kool Bloo,
Here’s the greatest advice you’ll ever get, so please take careful notes.You need to make several changes before you go out business (I’ve never seen a customer inside your store).
  1. Define yourself. What are you? Are you Mexican, American, Middle Eastern, sandwiches? No one knows. You’re trying to be all things to all people. Stop.
  2. You have too many menu items. It’s impossible to do 90% of them well. Pick a cuisine, then get rid of everything that doesn’t fit. Have you seen a Chipotle menu? Simple.
  3. Your prices are too high, lower them. You’re a tiny take-out joint. Act like one.
  4. Change your name. There is no such thing as a blue food and no one describes food as “cool”. Fresh, delicious, spicy, savory, not “cool” and definitely not “blue”. Plus your awful premise for a restaurant badly needs to be forgotten as quickly as possible.
Hope this helps…before it’s all over.



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